A TrIP to

A Trip to X-Onria is a theme park experience project, that follows the story of the young alien, Kneep, and his planet’s deepest darkest secret… the experimenting and smuggling of human tourists!

The visual identity was a big part of this project because each item, signage, merchandise store, restaurant, and attraction was to create a new believable connected world.

X-Onria 4X-Onria 3X-Onria 11X-Onria 2X-Onria 6X-Onria 8X-Onria 13
X-Onria 9X-Onria 7X-Onria 10X-Onria 15X-Onria 5X-Onria 12X-Onria 14X-Onria 8X-Onria 1X-Onria 16